life and skills training

Ongoing activity for training of reading clubs on rights and life skills

The activity targeted 12 to 18 years of age girls in the target project school communities. An activity that is conducted for two days in each school. In each mixed school, 20 girls and 10 boys formed the reading club while in girls schools, 30 members participated in formation of the reading clubs. The identification of the reading club members was on voluntary basis by the learners. Day one of the training focused on rights and life skills while day two focused the democratic election of membership which comprised of chairperson, Vice -chairperson, Secretary, treasurer and a patron. On the same day, the reading club members were also engaged in content and pictorial development for IEC (Information, Education and Communication)materials.

The training sessions on rights and life skills is an ongoing activity in schools which is supposed to benefit the reading club members by building their confidence to truly reach their potential and enable participants to cope with the demands of everyday life.  With Support from @Prada and @UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa

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life and skills training


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