Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster preparedness and response mechanisms are underdeveloped in Kenya. To reverse this, Girl Child Network works with boys, girls, the youth and communities to develop and enhance prevention and response systems.

The current effects of climate change and disasters are posing significant challenges and constrains to achieving child rights, especially the right to education. These disasters include severe floods and prolonged drought among others. Additionally, the weather variability is exerting inconceivable pressures on food, water, supplies and livelihoods. When this happens, life, peace and tranquillity is affected. Social structures and institutions are negatively affected and most children drop out of school.

Girl Child Network is determined to not only implement reactive measures, but also seek long term interventions that enhance resilience and the capacity of the communities to adopt and manage the effects of climate change.


  • Prevention mechanism
  • Linkages with other actors
  • Emergency response
  • Peace and conflict transformation
  • Adaptive and resilience mechanisms
  • Food security and livelihoods