Lunch Time in Kajiado

Kajiado County is an arid, rural area of Kenya that has been experiencing severe drought. Many communities do not have enough food and water to go around, which takes a huge toll on children’s health and school attendance. We partner with six schools to provide lunch for their students. These lunches improve school attendance and student health, and help students focus on their studies—rather than empty bellies—while they’re at school.
But because the drought has dried up rivers and left sand pits, traveling around with pallets of beans and wheat can be rather difficult! We had quite an eventful—but rewarding!—trip delivering the food this term.

We started by loading food from central Kenya—where beans and wheat are plentiful and cheap—into the back of a lorry. The drive from central to the first school started early in the morning, but by the time we got to Kajiado it was already hot, hot, hot!

And once again we were more than grateful to be part of improving nutrition and education in underserved communities in Kenya!



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