Green skills

Green Youth 360

Green Youth 360 is a three (3) year project that will be implemented in Turkana (Kakuma) and Garissa (Dadaab) refugee camps and within the host communities.

Project goal

To achieve inclusive and environmentally sustainable development through youth engagement in climate action.

It targets vulnerable hard to reach refugee and host community youth aged between 15-24 years including those living with disabilities. Green Youth 360 will work with public primary and secondary schools with a view of supporting the youth and the children to acquire Green Skills needed to adapt processes, services, and products to climate change and the environmental regulations and requirements related to it.

These skills include; knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society for a greener future and sustainable development.

The project is premised on the belief that, inclusive and environmentally sustainable development is possible if refugee and host community youths’ potential is harnessed to take actions in response to climate actions by addressing barriers to engagement through trainings on green skills and also objective engagement through youth led actions that reinforce their learning and civic duty and responsibilities


The project will focus on four key intervention areas of climate action.

  • Youth in Tree Planting
  • Youth in Agriculture
  • Youth in Renewable Energy
  • Youth for Clean Environment