Friends of Girl Child Network

Friends of Girl Child Network (FoGCN) is a membership club for both members and non-members of GCN. It is a support club comprising individuals and organisations (corporate and non-profit) that believe in the cause of promoting the welfare of children in the region. A lot has been achieved in the area of children programming in Kenya in the last 20 years and GCN is committed to continuing this work. We therefore invite you to join us by becoming a member of FoGCN.

FoGCN is open to individual, corporate and organisational membership. Common to all members is the acknowledgment that children should be empowered and protected. Since we know that not everyone can be directly involved in promoting children’s rights, GCN is giving you this opportunity to participate in the endeavor through FoGCN.

To join FoGCN, simply fill in the application form and pay the subscription corresponding to the category you wish to join. All registered Friends have the opportunity to actively participate in the work of GCN through member activities.

Benefits of Joining FoGCN

You become part of an elite group of individuals and organisations who understand and support GCN’s efforts to address the challenges faced by Kenya’s children. As a member you will receive:

A membership card

A unique membership memento

Invitations to participate in FoGCN activities

Information and news on GCN’s work and other children-related issues

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