Alabaster International

Alabaster International is a charitable organization registered in the United States of America (501c3). EIN number: 45-4464750. Alabaster International was founded in 2012, by Shannon Fernando, MSN-FNP-C, a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, based in California who traveled to Africa and felt a calling to begin an organization to serve marginalized communities. The name of the organization (“Alabaster”) comes from a story in the Bible. It’s a story of a woman, suffering, isolated, alone who in the midst of this, courageously comes before Jesus, breaking a costly Alabaster vase filled with perfume, said to be her most treasured possession, equivalent to a years’ worth of wages, to anoint Jesus’ feet in an act of worship.  Alabaster’s values are founded in this story.

Alabaster International partners with organizations in Africa to further healthcare access, health literacy and educational resources in marginalized and hard-to-reach communities. Alabaster predominately works in Kenya, partnering with Girl Child Network in two main communities in Kajiado County and Turkana County.


Alabaster’s mission is to go to places around the world where people may have been forgotten and partner with local leaders who are already making a difference to restore hope and empower communities toward wholeness. 


Alabaster envisions a world where individuals and communities are unhindered in addressing challenges and live with hope, health and love. We vision a world where physical bodies are made well, women and children are educated and empowered and communities work together for their own good.

Core Values

Dignity – All people have extraordinary value

Partnership – Relationships fuel our work

Sustainability – Creating change that lasts

Strategic Objectives

Healthcare & Health education

Gender rights & Education

Women Economic Empowerment

Capacity Building & Partnership