Career Opportunity


  1. Organization Background

Girl Child Network (GCN) is an independent, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization partnering with over 300 organizations working to improve the well-being of children in Kenya with a special focus on rights, gender, and inclusion.

  1. Rationale of the engagement

GCN has its head office in Nairobi and is currently using its email platform as a sub-hosted service through its web-mail portal  where all staff access emails through it. However, GCN has an overall goal of establishing strong ICT Infrastructure preferably cloud services to support business operations. This requires acquisition of Microsoft Office 365 tenancy. The scope of the work will be migrating mailboxes from the current sub-hosted service to the Office 365 platform.

GCN seeks the services of an ICT Consultant who will conduct and document a readiness assessment of the existing infrastructure (including gathering and documenting the gaps), develop a Migration Plan and execute the Plan. The successful Consultant will be required to provide services needed to migrate approximately 10-20 mailboxes to Exchange Online with email archiving, eDiscovery, anti-malware and anti-spam filtering capabilities. The goal is to ensure a seamless transition to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud architecture while maintaining secure and robust access to and from cloud service.

  1. Objective

The main objective of the assignment is to supply, install, migrate and provide Microsoft Office 365 deployment services to Girl Child Network.

  1. Main Tasks for the assignment
    1. Supply Microsoft 365 licenses for 1 year (annual subscription) as below;
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business that will allow users to use browser to access Microsoft application and also allow them to access desktop as well as mobile application. (Approximately 10-20 users).
    1. Existing Environment Assessment
  • Audit/assess existing Active Directory and messaging infrastructure as per Microsoft best practices and guidelines.
    1. Implement Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online and other services and apps)
    2. Microsoft 365 Readiness Assessment, Onsite Discovery, and Planning
      • Onsite review of client systems to gather and capture information about existing infrastructure and identify potential challenges in this implementation and migration and pose
      • Recommend a solid communication, project management and training
      • Develop migration strategy
      • Identify mailbox size and item counts that will be migrated to Microsoft 365
      • Determine mail-enabled applications and plan for configuration
      • Conduct bandwidth assessment and propose a bandwidth requirement for the proposed solution
    3. Preparing environment for Microsoft 365 deployment
      • Provide technical training for the focal IT staff
      • Assist with domain verification and Microsoft 365 Registration- verify Girl Child Network domain name with Microsoft 365
      • Configure on-premises Active Directory for directory synchronization
      • Mailbox quotas and archival/retention policies
      • Anti-spam and malware protection
      • Configure client computers and end-user experience
  • Migration
    • Assign licenses to users
    • Migrate and synchronize mailbox data to Exchange Online (IMAP)
    • Update DNS to point to Microsoft 365
    • Perform Post-Migration service testing of Microsoft 365 functionality
  1. SharePoint Online setup
    • SharePoint online must be implemented as an intranet with required sample pages;
      • Girl Child Network internal landing page with department page
      • Memo approval workflow (Basic SharePoint memo approval process for both sequential and parallel approvals)
    • Functionalities to be achieved upon SharePoint online implementation:
      • Intranet portal (common landing page for all users)
      • OneDrive for Business
      • Company directory with contact details and profile photo of all employees with search
      • Corporate calendar
  1. Training and development
    • Administrators – Bidder must provide necessary training to manage Microsoft 365 administration.
    • One Microsoft Official training to be included;
    • Office 365 productivity platform training for end users (1 session) – for department champions
    • SharePoint content management sessions for Admins
  2. Support and maintenance
    • Proper support infrastructure must be laid as per Girl Child Network IT guidelines. It is bidder’s responsibility to clearly identify and implement a necessary support infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted services.
    • Must provide necessary training for Girl Child Network staff to manage First Level support (Internal support).
    • Proposed support mechanism must equip Microsoft Premiere support for urgent and critical
  3. The migration must be well planned and seamless to end users of Girl Child Network.
  1. Scope and Deliverables of the Assignment

A detailed technical document and solution plan, which will provide a thorough and clearly-defined plan for a seamless migration to Office 365 including a significant focus on the communication and training requirements. Implementation of Office 365 shall go through the following phases:

  • Office 365 Readiness Assessment, Onsite Discovery, and Planning
  • Preparing Environment for an Office 365 Office.
  • Migration and Cut Over
  • Post Deployment Support and Office 365 Administration training.
  1. Consultancy Submission requirements

   6.1 Mandatory Requirements

  • Provide and execute the office 365 Migration plan. The migration will have to be seamless to the business, with a cut-over happening on a designated weekend. Responsible to setup any licensing required for this implementation.
  • Provide a thoughtful and detailed plan around communication and training of GCN staff
  • Provide detailed end user documentation, with screen shots and easy to read instructions, covering how to use Outlook and Office 365, launch and learns, and web-based training.
  • The Consultant should separate price quotations for annual subscription cost and implementation cost with quotation validity of minimum 30 days.

6.2 Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • Provide an organization profile
  • (With duly updated profiles detailing qualifications and relevant experiences of the directors)
  • Names and contact information of two references who can be contacted regarding similar work done in the past by the firm/individual consultant.
  • Clear documentation of the roles of the participating/facilitating consultant(s).
  • Copies of registration certificates with relevant authorities e.g., KRA VAT, PIN registered and valid Tax Compliance Certificates (Attach documentation)
  • Outline methodology to be applied in meeting the requirements of the Terms of Reference.
  • Outline of the costs/charges to perform the function as per the Terms of Reference inclusive of all taxes.
  • Program of works showing proposed schedule of undertaking the contract.
  • Bidder/partner must be a Microsoft Certified Partner – shall have authorization from Microsoft for providing requested solutions (Licensing and implementation capabilities)
  1. Disclosure of Information/Child Protection

It is understood and agreed that the consultant shall, during and after the effective period of the contract, treat as confidential and not divulge, unless authorized in writing by Girl Child Network, any information obtained in the course of the performance of the Contract. Information will be made available for the consultant on a need-to-know basis. The selected consultant will commit to respect Girl Child Network’s Child Protection Policy to prevent any harm from the participating children and youth. (See attached Annex 1)

  1. Proprietary right

The photographs and videos/documentary or any data generated as a result of the assigned work shall remain the property of Girl Child Network. No portion of the documents shall be reproduced except with permission from Girl Child Network.

  1. How to Apply

All applications received by the submission date will be reviewed by a selection committee based on a pre-determined objective criterion. Upon selection, the consultant/ consulting firm will be invited for a discussion and requested to submit a soft copy of previous work undertaken and a work plan prior to commencing the assignment. Financial proposals/quotations should be sent separately, clearly marked ‘RFP/2022/GCN/Microsoft Office 365 Migration’ and addressed to:

Girl Child Network

Valley View Office Park, City Park Drive, Off Limuru Road

Block A, 5th Floor

P.O. Box 2447-00200

Nairobi, Kenya


Email:  or


Closing date for submission of the application is: Friday, 1st April, 2022