School Sanitation Improvement

School Sanitation Improvement

Health and education are closely linked because children attend school more frequently and learn better when they are healthy. Girl Child Network and Aidlink aim to improve access to education by improving water and sanitation practices in 120 schools in Kajiado. This year, we built latrines with separate rooms where girls can change their sanitary towels, and provided underwear to girls so that they can use sanitary towels. In addition, we trained teachers and school board members on creating gender-friendly schools that respect children’s rights, and we then worked with them to start Rights of the Child clubs in their schools. Two other serious health issues in this region are female genital mutilation and early marriage (which often leads to early pregnancy). We worked with community leaders and community health volunteers to intervene when we knew FGM or early marriage was going to take place. Girls who are able to manage their menstrual hygiene and avoid FGM and early marriage are more likely to finish primary and secondary school… and their children are too!

Lunch Time in Kajiado

Kajiado County is an arid, rural area of Kenya that has been experiencing severe drought. Many communities do not have enough food and water to go around, which takes a huge toll on children’s health and school attendance. We partner with six schools to provide lunch for their students. These lunches improve school attendance and […]

Ruth’s Story

Rainy days mean different things to different children: running outside to dance and pick up hailstones, staying dry indoors, taking careful steps to avoid puddles and potholes on the way to school. But for girls like Ruth, who only have one pair of panties, rainy days can be stressful, and can even keep her from […]

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