Our Right to Learn

Our Right to Learn

When Kenya instituted Free Primary Education in 2003, the number of children enrolling in school increased dramatically. Since then, enrolment of both girls and boys has continued to increase. But there are certain areas of the country where many children are still not going to school, either because of the community’s attitudes or because they support their families by making money and doing chores around the house. Girl Child Network works with Educate a Child (a programme of Education Above All) to enroll and retain children in school in three of Kenya’s most marginalized areas: Garissa, Kajiado, and Tana River. Education is a difficult investment for some families to make, but with our support, they are creating more opportunities for their children in the future. So far, we have helped enroll over 31,350 students in 120 public primary schools.

Jane’s Story

When their families aren’t able to take care of their basic needs, girls often turn to older male “sponsors” to fill the gaps. But gifts from sponsors usually come with strings attached. At 14 and in Standard 4, Jane found herself in a place where she didn’t know if she would even be able to […]

Karen’s Story

“I am speaking on behalf of all girls in Kajiado.” Karen was addressing her classmates, teachers, and community leaders at the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child. “We need to work hard in school so that we can become leaders of tomorrow.” Karen’s own path to becoming a leader has had its […]

David’s Story

Communicating hasn’t always been one of David’s strengths. A Class 7 student from Kajiado County, he lives with his parents and six younger siblings in a village 12 kilometers from Bissil town. To support the family, his parents go to town twice a week—sometimes more—to sell household goods like cups and plates at the market. […]

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