A Little Christmas Cheer

One way Girl Child Network supports our sponsored girls is by empowering their own communities to support them. Many of our sponsored girls were previously child brides, and when they leave their marriages to go back to school, some members of their communities don’t approve. However, we notice that as community members watch these girls grow into educated, passionate, world-changing young women, they see the value of education! Every year, we throw a Christmas party to help reconnect girls and their communities. It’s always a beautiful time of sharing hopes, dreams, and chapati, and this year was no exception! May our Christmas story light up your March!

By the time we arrived, village leaders had already gathered everyone at the local school, and were chatting with each other outside.

After greeting everyone, we helped grab chairs and carry them outside, under a tree.

Our project coordinator Peris welcomed everyone to the event and made sure things were off to an energetic start by getting people singing!

The fun continued when our sponsored girls got up to share a song and dance with everyone!

Their mothers looked on proudly.

And younger girls watched with admiration.

Afterwards, one of the mothers explained the impact education was having on her daughter’s life. She had once wanted her daughter to marry early, she admitted, but now she is excited that her daughter will have so many more opportunities in life!

The last speaker of the day was one of our sponsored girls. She has completed secondary school, and is now attending university. She took the opportunity to encourage the girls to stay in school, the mothers to support their daughters, and the men to support all of the women in their lives.

Of course, not EVERYONE managed to pay attention the whole time…

We wanted to end the ceremony by giving the girls an opportunity to thank their mothers for their support. School is certainly not always easy, and support from family has played a key role in getting our sponsored girls to where they are now! Each girl presented her mother with a kanga, a beautiful piece of cloth with an inspirational Swahili message printed on it.

But the mothers had a surprise for us! They had prepared a song and dance to let their girls know how proud they are of them.

After a closing prayer, we headed off to enjoy lunch together!

Another day celebrating inspiring girls and the amazing community that supports them!